Born in Plymouth, Massachucetts but raised in Rhode Island, Kendra Rose Photography is the photographic work of Kendra Whitcomb. A self taught 28 year old photographer specializing in creative portraiture and lifestyle photography..hoping to inspire you in one way or another. 

Creating is in my blood. I have to inspire. I have to keep moving forward. It’s who I am and will always be.

"Be so good they can't ignore you" - Steve Martin

Work has been featured in/on:
Providence Pheonix 
Local Magazine
Le Photographie Magazine
GetInspired Magazine
Dark Beauty Magazine



I also want to dedicate this page, and the photo above; to my father - Charles Craig Whitcomb. He always supported me and showed off my work, no matter how much I thought it was silly of him to do so. He was always proud and so happy that I found my passion in life. He had told me shortly before he passed away, that he had "hoped that I get everything I want out of life" and I made it a promise to myself and him, that I will do just that. He passed away In Februrary of 2012 from liver cancer and I have missed him everyday since. Thank you for always supporting me. I love you.




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