I encourage you to send me an email with a testimonial and write about your experience working with me. I will post everything, word for word, on this page. Thank you!

"I have worked with Kendra on a handful of occasions, and it's always a wonderful experience. I love the almost dream-like artistic elegance of her images, and how easy-going she is to shoot with. A very lovely girl, and true visionary, she will always deliver the best quality images to suit your needs. A very highly recommended photographer. " - Ashley Lauren

"Kendra is a fantastic photographer and a superb artist. She's super easy to work with and makes you feel comfortable doing any kind of shoot. I look forward to working with her again!" - Karen Almeida

"Thank you Kendra for our beautiful pictures . Mom was very surprised and even cried when she opened her Christmas gift and saw the collage. Truly beautiful work." - Lilly Usuga

"Kendra is a very talented women, she's done shoots with my wife more than once and our engagement photos on top of our wedding photos. She is remarkable, the passion and creativity she pours into her work shows. She does not disappoint." - Cory Couture

"I absolutely loved working with Kendra! She has so much creativity at hand and captures every feeling and emotion in each photo. She makes every women feel beautiful in their own skin. I loved her energy and enthusiasm and the passion she shows for her work is simply inspiring! So refreshing to work with someone who genuinely loves what they are doing. Her photography is so skillfully elegant and remarkably fierce at the same time! What a wonderful person and talented photographer!" - Ashley Lynn Burns

"Kendra was amazing to work with! She kept coming up with creative ideas and worked really well with our surroundings. The photos look great so far and I can't wait to work with her again!" - Hana Kahn

"I recently worked with Kendra and not only is she an amazing photographer but she's very easy to work with and very sweet." - Tristan O'Hara

"Kendra is my favorite photographer out of all who I have worked with. She's creative and makes her photos unique. Comfort is one of the most important things for poses to look good and Kendra's laid back personality provides a sense of comfort. If you have not worked with her before, you must! Especially If you want your photos to look like pure art." - Danielle Bessette

"I've had the pleasure to be photographed by Kendra numerous times and I am delighted and amazed with every shoot. I couldn't think of anyone better to capture such precious moments. She has a unique and creative style that will not disappoint." - Tessa Couture

"So inspiring. Kendra really makes you feel an emotion when looking at her pictures, whether it be sad, joyful, or sometimes they spark a memory. They can be fun, they can be sexy, but they are always tasteful. Her photography is truly art in every sense of the word. Sometimes when I get down at my own photography I will look at hers and feel better, feel inspired. "- Katie Surowiec

"Had a wonderful time working with you the other day. Your work is flawless and your technique is impeccable. Can't wait to work together again!" - Aisha Guenther

"Kendra is just awesome all around. As a fellow photographer, it is always refreshing to be able to talk with someone who GETS it. She's inspirational, sweet and also appreciates photography for the art of it, not just the business." - Heather Martin-Thomas

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